Love & Pride Profile Photo Frame: Pride Month 2024

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Are you ready to celebrate love and pride? Well, get excited because Pride Month 2024 is here, and we’ve got something special for you! We have created few Pride Month Profile Picture Frame which you can use on your profile picture. This particular frame says Love and pride which is the slogan for the pride month.

What’s a Twibbon?

You might be wondering what’s twibbon? Well, The twibbon is the small symbol or a frame you see on a profile picture of Facebook. Lots of people use twibbon for special occasions, causes and celebrations. This time it’s for Pride Month 2024.

Know More about twibbon here

Love & Pride Facebook Frame

This facebook frame says two simple but powerful words: Love, Pride. But what do they mean in pride month context?

Love is all about Caring and accepting people for just the way they are. Pride is about being proud of who you are. So, we have combined these terms and created the beautiful Love Pride Facebook Frame for your profile picture. This frame includes the rainbow, Glitters and bright colors which are perfect for the occasion.

It is very easy to show support to the LGBTQ Community by using this twibbon frames on your profile picture. If you apply the frame on your photo, others will see and they will also use this frame. This way, more and more people will use the frame and it will be big enough that people will start to talk about LGBTQ community.

How to add Love Pride Photo to your PFP?

Using any frame from our website is super easy. You just have to follow 5 simple steps and your profile picture will shine with our beautiful frames.

  1. First of all, scroll above where you can find Love Pride Photo Frame. Click on upload button.
  2. Your phone’s gallery/filemanager will be opened and from there you have to pick the image you want to apply the frame on.
  3. Now you can adjust your picture in the frame by zooming in and out.
  4. Once you adjust your picture in the frame, click on download button to save the framed image.
  5. Now open your facebook profile and change your profile picture with this one.

Pride Month is about more than just colorful parades and parties (though those are pretty awesome too!). It’s a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community’s history, fight for equality, and show solidarity with our friends, family, and neighbors.

Happy Pride, everyone!

Love Pride Facebook Photo Frame

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