Class Of 2024: Profile Picture Frame Filter Overlay For Facebook

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Class of 2024 Frame For Facebook

As we prepare to step into a new chapter of our lives, it’s good to have memories that celebrates past. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you our recent creation: the Class of 2024 Twibbon frame!

My Senior 2024 Profile Picture Frame: Facebook Overlay

This frame is created by our team member because her son was graduating high school or college this year (Sorry! I don’t remember exactly). She created this frame and used it on her profile picture and her son also loved it. The frame speaks class of 2024.

I Love My Senior ❤️ Profile Frame 2024

You can put a group photo of your classmates and friends and apply this frame on it. This will be perfect frame to use on your facebook profile picture. Lot’s of people requested this frame in our facebook group and we are glad that our member made it happen.

With bold colors and sleek design, it’s the perfect way to let the world know that we’re officially members of the Class of 2024. This frame also contains graduation cap both side and in the middle the text reads class of 2024.

This is a great way to collect memories of your graduation and you can share it with your classmates so they can also use this frame and be forever on the memories. Let’s make sure everyone knows that the Class of 2024 is ready to take on the world!

As we get ready to toss our caps in the air and say goodbye to high school, let’s take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come and all that we’ve achieved. The Class of 2024 Twibbon frame is just one small way to mark this special occasion and show the world that we’re ready to take on whatever comes next.

How to Get Your Class of 2024 Twibbon Frame For facebook profile picture?

Getting your pictures on the Class of 2024 Twibbon frame is super easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on Upload button [its in the top of this post].
  2. Now upload any picture you want and frame will be applied to it.
  3. Follow the prompt on the screen and click on download button.
  4. Voila! your framed image is ready and now you can use it as profile picture on facebook or any other social media site.

If you are using an iphone, you have to touch and hold until the menu is opened. There, you can select save this picture and framed picture will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

Class of 2024 Facebook frame

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