Drunk Driving Awareness: Don’t Drink and Drive Facebook Frame

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Drunk Driving Awareness Profile Frame

Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and is a big problem specially in big cities. It causes lot’s of accidents and it is the problem that needs to be addressed. That’s why we have created this drunk driving awareness frame. It is a frame that you can use on your facebook profile picture. it’s also called a twibbon.

The message this frame conceive is “Don’t Drink and Drive”. You can read this message in the frame, loud and clear. We have also added a graphic of car accident to show the scale of this problem. Drunk driving affects everyone. Whether you are walking on the road or you are the driver, it affects you and it could do serious damage. That’s why this frame is so important to use on your profile picture.

Using this don’t drink and drive frame is a way of starting the conversation about the problem and addressing the issue. This frame can spread loud message about the harm, Drunk drivers can cause. The main intension behind creating this frame is to spread awareness about it and reduce the drunk driver problem.

So, Let’s work together and make the road safer by using this frame on your facebook profile picture. This frame is not just for facebook, you can use it on instagram, twitter and many more social media platforms.

To use the frame, Just click on upload button and select the desired picture from your phone’s gallery. Once you upload the picture, it will be displayed in the frame which you can adjust by zooming in and out. Once the picture fits the frame, you can just click on download button to save it in your phone’s gallery. Now you can use this image as the profile picture on any social media platform you want.

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Stay Alive – Don’t Drink and Drive Facebook Frame

Dont Drink and drive frame

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