Lest We Forget – Anzac Day Frame For Facebook Profile Picture

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Lest We Forget Frame | Anzac Day FB Frame

The last frame we posted of anzac day loved by all of our visitors and subscribers. That’s why we decided to create another frame. This time we did a little different approach style wise. As you can see above this frame also contains the date of anzac day, which is 25th April.

Anzac Day Facebook Frame & Twibbonize Profile Picture

Anzac Day is a Remembrance Day of New Zealand and Australia and that’s why the importance of this day very much. This year, we want every citizen of these two countries to use Lest we forget frame on their profile picture. It is our duty to remember the heroes of our army who served and sacrificed their lives for the country.

This frame is originally called a twibbon, which is a small image overlay over the profile picture. If you are a facebook user, you must have seen people put something on their profile picture. It could be something for the cause or awareness or in our case a little Poppy flower of Anzac Day.

This Anzac day frame is for Facebook profile picture. This fb profile frame contains poppy flower which is a flower you wear to show a support for the sacrifices and service of an army force.

How to Apply Anzac Day frame on your fb profile picture

This frame contains the words Lest we forget. To use this frame, you have to follow few steps which are described below.

  • At the start of the page, you can see the frame. Below the frame, there’s an upload button.
  • Click on upload button and your phone’s gallery will be opened.
  • Select any picture you want in the frame.
  • Now you can zoom in and zoom out of the picture to adjust in the frame.
  • Click on download button to save the frame in your phone.
  • Now you can use it as fb profile picture or Facebook profile picture.

After using the frame, your picture would look like below given image.

Lest we forget Anzac Day FB Frame

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