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Support Local Musician Frame for Facebook

We got the inspiration to create “Support your local musician” Profile frame because of our Facebook group member. One of our members in Profile Picture Frame Fb group requested that they need the frame about supporting local musicians. I love music as much as the next guy in a country band. That’s why we took initiative to create these two frames.

Both the frames were created by our Twibbon World Team members using Canva. If you want the source file for higher quality image creation, You can just comment below with your email id.

When we were thinking about the theme and ideas, One of our team member suggested and said loudly that “Why don’t we create something like music player theme”. We all liked the idea and agreed upon creating that musical frame about local musicians which you can see above. The second frame you are seeing is created by me in a retro style. I had something similar in my mind and i implemented it on the canvas which you can see above. If you like any of the above given frame, you can say thank you in the comment section of our platform.

Local musicians often struggle with limited exposure outside of their immediate community and sometimes even local community don’t support them. Majority of parents do not support their kids if they want to choose music as a career path. They might not be as supportive as they would have been if their kids want to be a doctor, engineer or accountant. There are financial challenges, pressure from family, second thoughts and lots of other things which musicians in our local community faces. That’s why even if they are good and talented, they do not become a star or can have successful career. That’s why we we should all support local musicians by applying this badge on the profile picture. Other people might see this badge and will add it too. That’s why we should apply this local musician frame on our profile picture.

How to use these frames?

To use these frames, You just have to upload your picture in the frame you are seeing above. Currently the frame in the above container is empty or transparent. You need to upload the picture and picture will be put in the frame. You can zoom in or zoom out the picture.

Download the framed picture and you can use it as a profile picture on any social media website. Thank you for visiting twibbon world and using our profile frame web application.

Support local musician frame exampleSupport your local musician profile picture frame

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